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Water and Drainage Infrastructure


Industrial Water Treatment Plant

Industrial water treatment plants meet a variety of purification and separation needs. They can range from relatively compact and straightforward to complex, multiunit processes that serve a variety of applications.

Our purpose is to build a highly advanced industrial water treatment system that treats water, so it can be appropriately used for consumption, manufacturing, or even disposal. Our industrial water treatment plants typically include:

  • Raw water treatment systems
  • Boiler feed water treatment systems
  • Cooling tower water treatment systems
  • Wastewater treatment systems
water supply

Rural and Urban Water Supply

Water demand must, inevitably, adjust itself to the supply that is present and usable. Without water readily available in adequate quantity and free of pathogenic organisms, man’s progress is tremendously hindered.

Therefore, we strive to provide adequate water service in both urban and rural areas to fulfil the water needs of the people. Besides, the supply of water for agricultural purposes is also considered of the utmost importance and Averox Infrastructure endeavours to make it an attainable objective by establishing efficient water supply systems.


Lift Irrigation Projects

Lift Irrigation System refers to the irrigation of fields from a lower surface to the higher surface using pumps and other mechanical sources. This system carries the water from the water source to the delivery chamber, thereby distributing the water to the required places.

In order to make irrigation possible at higher levels, Averox Infrastructure ensures to develop highly advanced lift irrigation projects by resolving the issues of land acquisition and water loss.


Effluent Treatment Plants

The wastewater of the industries is required to be treated prior being discharged to metropolitan sewer system. Thus the process of effluent treatment or sewage treatment is carried out for removing contaminants from the municipal wastewater.

Averox Infrastructure uses modernized techniques to construct effluent treatment plants that are particularly designed to purify industrial waste water so that it can be recycled, thereby aiming to release clean water in the environment which is completely free from the harmful effects caused by the effluents discharged from different industrial sectors like chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, refineries, dairy, ready mix plants and textile.