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Tele & Digital Communication


Tower Erection & Foundation

Telecommunication towers are used for communication purposes among people. All the wireless communication, mobile networking, radio broadcasting and television antennas are connected via these towers.

Cognizant with the continuous development of the telecommunications sector, Averox Infrastructure aims to provide tower erection services that perform acquisition, acceptance, extreme load and additional load inspections.


Digital Equipment Installation

As technology continues to be standardized and made more systematic, traditional communication methods are being replaced by digital technology. Hence, our purpose is to install efficient digital equipment and instruments with an aim to contribute towards ‘Digital India’.


Optical Fibre Laying

Fibre optic cables have revolutionized the world of network communication ever since their inception nearly four decades ago. With the use of optical fibre cable, information can be transferred speedily across the networks.

Smart Security

Smart Security Solutions

The goal of Averox Infrastructure is to promote smart security initiatives as a means aiming at increasing the level of security, while at the same time being cost-effective and highly specialized. This tempting promise is to be fulfilled through the implementation of data-driven security routines.