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Small and Medium Civil Infrastructure


Precast Structures

Precast concrete structures are considered to be highly diverse ranging from parking garages, bridges and office buildings to stadiums, retail shops and housing. Their versatility helps in maximizing the project’s potential while making sure it is completed on time. 

Precast concrete is useful for single-level parking structures as well as larger and more elaborate mid-rise structures. Moreover, these structures are used in building foundations, bridges, culverts, curb inlets and catch basins, sound walls and retaining walls.


Pile Foundation

Pile foundations are deep foundations which are formed by long, slender, columnar elements typically made from steel or reinforced concrete, or sometimes timber.Pile foundations are principally used for large structures and in situations where the soil at shallow depth is not suitable to resist excessive settlement, resist uplift, etc.

These foundations assist in transferring the loads from superstructures, through weak, compressible strata or water onto stronger, more compact, less compressible and stiffer soil or rock at depth, increasing the effective size of a foundation and resisting horizontal loads.


Shallow Foundation

A foundation is an integral part of the structure which transfers the load of the superstructure to the soil. Shallow foundations are constructed where the soil layer at shallow depth of 1.5m is able to support the structural loads.

Averox Infrastructure ensures that the shallow foundations are able to perform very well on sites with strong soils, sufficiently thick natural gravel rafts overlying weaker soils or where robust, engineered ground improvement is carried out. 


Miscellaneous Civil Work

Averox Infrastructure always believes in working on the challenging engineering projects that focus on the environmental development and improved structures. Well-built as well as an organized infrastructure has become a necessity of today’s world.

This escalating dependency on far-reaching infrastructure means that the design and construction process must not only meet the present demands but also forecast future capacity, curtail environmental impact and improve the quality of life for those whom it serves.