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Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance plays a significant role in improving the reliability in order to ensure that the industrial equipment can perform their intended functions when needed. This practice of preservation enables to plan remedial action in a cost effective manner.

At Averox Infrastructure, we use preventive maintenance which is considered to be a sophisticated maintenance strategy. This system involves detailed, planned maintenance activities on a periodic basis usually semiannually or annually for the purpose of avoiding unplanned failures through planned repairs or replacements.


High Rise Maintenance

Tall buildings throughout the world are becoming popular gradually. With the advent of modern day construction technology, the basic aim has been to construct safer buildings keeping in view the overall economics of the project. The tall structures used for residential or office use include high-rise buildings, apartment towers, office towers and apartment blocks.

These structures have the potential to decongest urban extension. Indian cities are witnessing immense demographic expansion due to migration from surrounding villages, leading to urban sprawl, housing demand, rise in cost of land.

Being well aware of the necessity of cleaning, Averox Infrastructure ensures to carry out the specific maintenance tasks on a high rise that need to be completed regularly, including window cleaning, inspections and even structural repair.  It offers strong and easy to handle rope access which is the safest and most secure way to have building maintenance accomplished quickly and affordably.


Cross-Country Line Maintenance

The word ‘cross-country’ itself indicates ‘across the boundary’. It particularly refers to the process of placing the cables in a narrow ditch dug by a trencher or ploughed directly into the soil.

In order to ensure the reliability and safety of power distribution systems, regular maintenance of underground cables is vital. Although a distribution system with underground cables is less maintenance-intensive than one with overhead lines, yet it is necessary to have clear procedures for preventive, corrective and condition based maintenance in order to ensure a long trouble-free operational life for the cables.

Averox Infrastructure offers the services to conduct visual inspection of structures, fixtures, transformers, switchgear and cables for signs of deterioration or damage, cleanliness and physical condition with corrective action as necessary; repairs and replacements of faulty cable sections and re-jointing where required; visual and physical inspection of the cable route for signs of possible damage due to road works or digging; use of cable fault locator and sheath tester to determine the location of the fault; providing repair facilities followed by testing and commissioning.


Housekeeping Services

The main function of housekeeping is to ensure cleanliness, comfort, convenience, privacy, health and hygiene in a safe environment. Both housekeeping and cleanliness are linked to the industrial safety. The safety culture of the organization is determined by the degree to which these activities are effectively managed.

It also requires paying attention to important details such as the layout of the whole workplace, aisle marking, the adequacy of storage facilities, and maintenance of the overall surroundings.

Analyzing the fact that good housekeeping is a basic part of incident and fire prevention, Averox Infrastructure assures to promote effective housekeeping to help control and eliminate workplace hazards.